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    For access by telephone, call 511 within Manitoba. Outside Manitoba call 1-877-MB Roads (1-877-627-6237). Please note this report is only updated when staff observe and report conditions. The department does not provide 24 hour reporting of highways. Please be alert for changing conditions. Actual conditions may vary from those reported. This site only reports conditions on Provincial Roads and Provincial Trunk Highways; example road signs can be viewed in help.


    Road surfaces can be dry or wet, but are clear of snow or ice.

    Partly Covered

    Road surfaces have snow / ice-covered or snow-packed sections. For example, there may be sections where drifting snow has covered parts of the lanes or where the road centre is bare.


    Road surfaces are completely covered (snow or ice) with little to no bare sections from one end to the other.


    Road is closed because road surfaces are impossible to travel due to continuous snow fall preventing snow removal or due to a collision.

    No Reports Available

    While these roads are regularly patrolled and maintained, the winter road conditions are not being reported.

    Paved Road

    These roads are paved.

    Gravel Road

    These roads are gravel.

    Paved and Gravel Road

    These roads are paved and gravel


    Government of Manitoba construction or maintenance work that may significantly impact travel at the specified location.


    Unplanned major incidents that may significantly impact travel at the specified location.

    Multiple Items

    More than one construction or incident/event taking place in proximity of each other.

    Road Closed

    Major closure that may significantly impact travelers at the specified location.

    Winter Roads

    The Manitoba winter road network are temporary routes constructed in cold weather.

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